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The importance of pressing pause…

I was reminded this week just how important it is to press pause sometimes just to let everything soak and breathe!

It’s such a human affliction isn’t it – to be busy all the time on that crazy train of the To Do list and must get here and there – but for our horses they really aren’t so keen on that speed!

Our horses for me exist on a plane that benefits so much from that ‘absorbing’ time – so often I watch my little herd all stood in the field together, looking towards the horizon as if in a peaceful meditation and its something I must keep reminding myself when I’m working & training with my horses and my gorgeous clients ones too – the need to press pause and absorb!

This was indeed my lesson from Kimero this week, he had his physio and Indiba treatment session from the fabulous Calli Vet Physio Phyle who has been working with Kimero’s body and of course in turn his emotions for the past few weeks, he had a nasty injury before he came to me and that coupled with some other factors had really damaged his body and made movement difficult – it was so interesting watching Calli work with him to note the ‘processing pauses’ she would use and how vitally important those were.

The final piece of the puzzle for Kimero was assisting him with a rather nasty gelding scar which it turns out will be instrumental in helping his hind end movement and how the rest of his body feels in turn – it was fascinating to watch how during those important pauses the releases were travelling all the way up to his poll and ears and nostrils and the end result was one of true relaxation for Kimero so much so the bottom lip went and he was dribbling away!

Thank you Calli I am incredibly grateful to you.

Have a go at building in a pause and breathing with your with your horses, it’s so useful, let me know how you get on, I’d love to here your stories.

Photo of my chilled out dribbler !!

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